Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Transdermal Patch Manufacturer 

Capable of producing custom formulated transdermal and nutraceutical patches for your application, Pepin Manufacturing offers turnkey solutions to provide you with a fully packaged product in your printed medical pouch and retail box.

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At-A-Glance Production Capabilities

An ISO-10933 compliant registered contract manufacturer, we’ve been in business for 30 years and can provide complete customization, including the active ingredients, dosage, patch size, logo printing and topcoat you require for transdermal and nutraceutical patches. Our topical patch manufacturing capabilities at-a-glance:

  • Extensive list of active ingredients available (cannabinoids, vitamins and supplements, menthol, camphor and various oils)
  • Custom formulations
  • Private labeling and packaging
  • Unique patch sizes and designs
  • White labeling for CBD transdermal patches

No Ordinary Topical Patch Manufacturers

With extended release time, a range of unique active ingredients available, and discreet consumption options, our patches are extraordinary. Patches are produced with each of the following in mind:

All Day Comfort

Flexible and breathable film allows wearers to forget they have it on.

Efficient Absorption

Patches are designed for efficient absorption of supplement-infused, pressure-sensitive adhesive into the skin. Skin penetration enhancers can be added, increasing absorption rates.

Extended Release Time

Ingredients release into the bloodstream steadily over several hours, ensuring the effects are long-lasting.

Medical-Grade Adhesives

ur ISO-10933 compliant medical-grade adhesive material is used for the base formulation. Then, active ingredients, such as CBD, vitamins, menthol, camphor and peptides can be mixed in to manufacture custom transdermal patches.

Comprehensive Patch Design

Choose your backing, adhesive system and release liner. We offer polyethylene film, white foam and optional logo printing on the back, hydrogel and pressure-sensitive adhesives, and polyester film, white kraft paper and logo printing for liners.

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Custom Transdermal and Nutraceutical Patch Formulations

At your discovery meeting, we’ll discuss how we can meet your application’s requirements. This includes active ingredients, percentage of actives, size of the topical patches and dosage we’ll manufacture. Partnering with leading chemists, we will create sheet labs and prototypes, and once finished we can mass manufacture and private label your custom transdermal patch.

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