Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Stick-to-Skin and Body-Worn Sensor Applications

Pepin Manufacturing Inc. excels at providing medical device contract manufacturing solutions for various stick-to-skin applications. Whether you need a patch to adhere a medical device to the skin or are building a custom wearable disposable, we have solutions for you.

Stick-to-Skin Applications — The Basics

Our product managers are experts at choosing and sourcing the right adhesive for your specific application. From a one-hour, skin-contacting adhesive to a 21+ day wear adhesive, our network of world-class medical-grade adhesive, film and hydrogel manufacturers allow us to select the right material to fit your needs.

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Stick-to-Skin and Body-Worn Sensor Application Examples

We’ve helped develop a wide range of stick-to-skin applications and body-worn sensors during our 20+ years in the industry. We work with a number of medical-grade adhesives for skin, including but not limited to acrylic, silicone, synthetic, conductive hydrogels, hydrocolloids adhesive and conductive pressure sensitive adhesives for medical applications

Application examples include:

  • Wound care dressings
  • Antimicrobial wound dressing wraps for military
  • Suture strips
  • Surgical drapes
  • Body-worn sensors for cardiac arrhythmia
  • Various device fixation disposables
  • IV securement
  • Veterinary applications
  • …and more

Transdermal Patch Manufacturing

Starting with our ISO-10933 compliant medical-grade adhesive material for skin, you can create a completely custom transdermal or nutraceutical patch that meets your unique needs. You decide active ingredients, dosage, patch size, logo printing and topcoat. We make sure they’re produced to best-in-class standards. Our list of available ingredients is extensive — from CBD to vitamins, menthol, camphor, peptides, other supplements and beyond. For all day comfort and efficient absorption, come to Pepin Manufacturing with your stick-to-skin patch applications and needs.

Learn more about the benefits of custom, turnkey transdermal patch manufacturing solutions before getting in touch with our experts.

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