Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Precision Slitting Services

Pepin Manufacturing Inc. offers custom precision slitting services that are cost-effective for our customers and support a variety of materials. We provide customized slitting services with a range of manufacturing solutions to meet your design specifications. Our in-house precision slitting services eliminate slitting charges that would typically be charged by raw material suppliers, thus reducing costs.

Have any questions about our slitting services or manufacturing capabilities? Let’s talk! Contact our in-house manufacturing experts to learn how we can meet your needs.

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Precision Slitting and Manufacturing Services — The Basics

We offer custom precision slitting and rewinding services that offer best-in-class tolerances, while supporting a variety of materials, including films, adhesives and hydrogels. Our slitting/rewinding machines allow for ultra-narrow slitting from 60” down to .125,” while most other converters may only slit down to as narrow as 1” widths.

Our Offerings Include:

If you require ultra-narrow precision slitting services, discover our wide range of slitting services for materials of all kinds. If you’re looking for specified roll lengths on finished rolls, our in-line roll counter allows us to offer custom slitting services that add value to your product.

  • Lathe slitting (baloney)

Electronic PLC driven slitter capable of slitting various pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, foams and films from 60” down to less than 1” with tight registration. Our lever slitter can handle up to 24” O.D. master rolls that weigh up to 2,000 lbs.

  • Rewinding

Unwind materials from a large roll and wind up to smaller rolls at specific lengths. 

  • Perforating

Add small holes to your material of choice in desired locations to allow for easy tearing or increased material breathability.

  • Rotary slitting

Cut a large roll of material into narrower rolls at desired lengths and widths.

  • Razor slitting

Cut narrow strips of material while minimizing material displacement. 

  • Narrow web slitting

Cutting various materials into ultra-narrow widths.

We’ve built a credible reputation throughout multiple industries by always working to meet or exceed the latest industry standards and certifications. View the PDF below to learn more, or contact us to discuss our precision slitting services, and manufacturing and material capabilities.

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