Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Custom Defense and Military Contract Manufacturing 

For over three decades, Pepin has specialized in precision-focused contract manufacturing services for the military and defense industries — producing aircraft parts, gaskets, occlusive wound dressings, wound care dressings, bandages and much, much more. When you need solutions that can stand up to challenging environments, adhesives that can endure and processes that are consistent, efficient and cost effective — call Pepin.

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Services We Provide

Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. offers custom fabrication, medical device (stick-to-skin applications) and general contract manufacturing services to all types of defense-focused organizations. Our expert team provides comprehensive turnkey solutions that align with the stringent quality, certification and compliance requirements often found in military and defense applications.


Pepin’s custom fabrication contract manufacturing services make project development, production and execution easier than ever. They include:

  • Flatbed die cutting — Flatbed die cutting is extensively utilized in the defense industry, playing a crucial role in the precision manufacturing of components like gaskets, seals, armor, insulation, labels for military equipment and more. This technology ensures efficient and accurate cutting of thicker materials not suitable for rotary die cutting via a 60-ton flatbed press that employs hydraulics and steel rule tooling. With quick setup and superior dimensional tolerance, Pepin is capable of handling both short and long production runs that meet your unique application needs.
  • Rotary die cutting Rotary die cutting is a vital manufacturing process for the defense industry because of its precision and efficiency. Through use of custom cylindrical dies and advanced servo-driven rotary presses capable of achieving tolerances as low as +/- .004″, we can provide precise cutting even when registration marks are inconsistent. Contract manufacturing rotary die cutting is suitable for both small-run prototyping and large-scale production of aircraft parts and other things for military and defense organizations.


Contract manufacturing for stick-to-skin consumables offers defense companies a wide range of benefits — specialized expertise, cost efficiency, flexibility, guaranteed regulatory compliance and access to niche innovation. At Pepin, we provide medical device contract manufacturing solutions for many stick-to-skin applications in the defense and military space — examples include EMT products like occlusive wound dressings, bandages and wound care dressings. We’re also a capable manufacturer of durable, wearable sensors for the military — ideal for situations where you need to monitor vital signs and other parameters when soldiers are in the field. 

Explore Pepin’s stick-to-skin manufacturing capabilities.

General Defense and Military Contract Manufacturing

Providing unique, turnkey contract manufacturing solutions to military and defense organizations has been our business for over 30 years. If you have a manufacturing challenge in need of solving, we have an expert team ready to do exactly that. The built-to-specification consumables we contract manufacture are customized to use the best tapes, adhesives, films, hydrogels and specialty materials for your unique application.

Learn more about Pepin’s general contract marketing capabilities.

What Our Client Have to Say

“Pepin was recommended to us by another manufacturing plant due to their expertise and experience with converting. We brought a complicated problem that many other converters have not been able to figure out and Pepin and their team have invested into this project even without promising results right away and they were able to perform the task. After a few runs, Pepin’s team spent ample hours collaborating and brainstorming some ideas and came up with a solution. SOSCO is so thankful for the relationship we have built with Pepin and continue to build. I also think the F-35 Fighter Jet team appreciates them as well!”

– Maci, Director of Operations for Military Supply Corporation

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