Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Custom Die Cutting Services

Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. provides top-quality custom die cutting services for all kinds of industries and projects. From prototyping to mass production, we can assist with every step of your job and provide helpful die cutting expertise along the way.

Utilize the advantages of die cutting in your prototyping stage with quick and precise manufacturing, and when you are ready to start production, our state-of-the-art die cutting machines can handle high-production jobs without sacrificing speed or quality. Pepin Manufacturing offers both precision rotary die cutting and flat-bed die cutting services, which allow us to take on whatever project you have in mind.

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Precision Rotary Die Cutting Services

Our servo-driven precision rotary die cutting presses are able to produce die cut parts with tolerances as low as +/- .004”, which is better than traditional machines and allows us to manufacture with the kind of precision needed for complex, challenging jobs. Whether you need laser die cutting, kiss cutting, sheeting, scoring, or even medical slitting, sewing and packaging, our precision rotary die cutting services can handle all those jobs and more.

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Flat Bed Die Cutting Services

When you have projects that require the use of thicker materials than a rotary die cutting press can easily handle, our flat bed die cutting services have you covered. With a 60-ton flatbed press and steel rule tooling, we can quickly set up and produce high volumes of parts while maintaining our standards for quality and precision.

For extra efficiency, our flat bed die cut press has in-line laminator technology that allows us to laminate rolled pieces together during the cutting process. This makes our custom flat bed die cutting service especially suited for producing parts like gaskets and O-rings.

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