Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

PMI – Pepin Manufacturing Inc. Corporate Profile

Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. is a privately owned and operated IS0-13485 full service contract manufacturer with an FDA-registered facility located in Lake City, Minnesota. Since 1993, PMI has been providing custom converting and fabrication services to a multitude of industries including medical, industrial, aerospace, defense, cosmetic and retail. PMI can assist customers with R&D, material sourcing and sampling, small run prototyping and mass manufacturing and private labeling. PMI specializes in contract manufacturing disposable products to each customer’s specifications that utilize adhesives, films, nonwovens and other flexible materials. Pepin Manufacturing consistently strives to build close working relationships with each and every customer to provide exceptional total customer satisfaction and support.

Electrotherapy Electrodes

For over 23 years, Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leading electrotherapy electrode manufacturer, offering high performance products under the Advantrode trademark name. Pepin’s full line of Advantrode brand electrotherapy electrodes offer100% uniform current dispersion, improved reusability, and ultra-low impedance. Our fully automated processes allow us to offer a superior, USA-made electrode at a competitive price. Additionally, Pepin Manufacturing mass manufactures our own Comfort 1/0 Iontophoresis transdermal patches. All Advantrode and Comfort 1/0 electrodes are FDA 510(K) cleared. In addition to the full line of Advantrode electrodes, Pepin Manufacturing offers a wide variety of TENS units, leadwires, and electrotherapy accessories. Pepin Manufacturing leads the way in custom electrode and sensor manufacturing for the cosmetic, electrotherapy, and medical industries. As a key provider for next­ generation wearable technologies that use the Internet of Things (loT), we design and manufacture cutting-edge electrodes and sensors built to each customer’s specifications and application.

Lint & Pet Hair Rollers

Pepin Manufacturing is currently one of the largest lint roller manufacturers in the United States and sells to approximately 70% of the commercial dry cleaners in the United States.The Lint Busters and Hair Busters brand Lint Rollers are made with an extra tacky adhesive tape for maximum pickup and lasting power. Lint Busters are great for picking up lint, pet hair or any unwanted particulate on all types of clothing, furniture, car seats, floors and so forth. Each Lint Busters lint roller individual sheet has a dry edge for easy peeling and disposal. By design, one dry edge provides more surface area than other lint rollers on the market, since the adhesive extends to the bottom of each roller. This additional surface area provides more pick-up area for the user.

Lint Busters and Hair Busters come in a variety of sizes, including our purse sized mini roller. Pepin Manufacturing can customize the handles with a personalized message, making for great promotional items. All lint rollers can be private labeled as well. PMI also offers floor and counter displays for point of purchase, along with a full line of fabric shavers and lint brushes.


Pepin Manufacturing’s high-performance MarFree brand Urethane film is the newest form of protection and cost savings for dies and raw materials in the metal fabrication industry. MarFree urethane is used in press brake equipment to prevent die marks and scratches caused when bending polished metals including stainless steel, painted metal, and aluminum. PMI’s MarFree urethane saves time and money by avoiding repolishing of metals and decrease wear on dies and tooling.