Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

Providing Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions to Convert Your Ideas to Life

About Electrotherapy Electrode Manufacturing

For Medical Professionals Who Care!

For more than three decades, Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leading electrotherapy electrode manufacturer, offering companies high-performance products under the Advantrode trademark name. Pepin’s full line of Advantrode electrotherapy electrodes are best in class as we offer: 100% uniform current dispersion, * improved reusability,* ultra-low impedance,* and FDA 510(k) clearance.* Our fully automated processes allow us to manufacture superior, USA-made electrotherapy electrodes at competitive prices. Pepin Manufacturing offers a wide variety of TENS units, leadwires, and electrotherapy accessories. 

Electrotherapy electrode manufacturers across industries

Our team of experts leads the way in custom electrode and sensor manufacturing for the cosmetic, electrotherapy, and medical industries. As a key provider for next­ generation wearable technologies, we design and manufacture cutting-edge electrodes and sensors built to each customer’s specifications and application. Contact us for more information or for a quote to get started!

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Electrotherapy Services, Products & Accessories

AdvanTrode® Elite

Ultra-high performance electrodes that utilize a uniquely-applied conductive pure silver layering system and specially designed pure copper lead wires with dispersive lug heads to achieve best-in-class electrical dispersion and conductivity to maximize patient comfort.

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AdvanTrode® Essential

General use electrodes combine quality with value. These cost-effective electrodes provide comfort and maximum reusability without sacrificing quality.

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Pepin offers electrotherapy accessories and equipment designed for therapeutic uses. Products include lead wires and batteries for TENS units and pain-relieving gel used to equip, maintain and supplement pain-relieving technology.

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PMI Electrotherapy
Electrodes We Manufacture

  • Enhanced patient comfort because of PMI’s uniquely designed electrodes:
    dual layer adhesive hydrogel.
  • A dispersive lug head prevents wire pull-out. That enhances performance, offering ultimate patient comfort. Our premium hydrogel strengthens and increases the life of each electrode, resulting in maximum reusability.
  • A layer of pure silver (Ag) that is uniquely bonded to a layer of conductive carbon film for reduced impedance, greater conductivity, and uniform current dispersion. The combination of these high-quality materials prevents “hot spots” to ensure patient comfort.
  • Are made in the USA.

Current is concentrated in a small area, creating a “hot spot” that is less effective. PMI Electrodes